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Baby Firsts Achievements Milestone Cards

Baby Firsts Achievements Milestone Cards

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Our first achievement milestone cards are aperfect way to mark your little bundles first magical moments in life.

The stylish but cute cloud-shaped cards allow you to mark all the key milestone events in your little ones first year. The pack contains 20 milestone cards including cards to mark their first year, and individual cards for the first time they: rolled over, sat up, slept through the night, ate solid food, crawled and lost a tooth!

The cards make a perfect photo prop for those special moments you want to share with your family and friends.

  • Pack contains 20 x cloud-shaped cards each with a different milestone moment.
  • Milestone captions included are as follows; rolled over, walked, sit up, crawling, bath, first tooth, slept, solid food, and their first 12 months.
  • Unisex rainbow-coloured clouds.
  • All cards are image printed on one side.
  • Each card measures height 11.6 cm x width 16cm
  • Made from an uncoated board, suitable for little hands.
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