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Pukka Party

Multicoloured Balloon Arch

Multicoloured Balloon Arch

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Balloon arches are a must-have birthday party decoration for any age or gender. They make the perfect backdrop for photos and look great around an entranceway.

The multicoloured balloons go perfectly with any party theme. The balloon arch includes a range of mixed-sized balloons that make for a fantastic 3D decoration that is sure to impress your guests.Some easy assembly is required. The 2-metre-long balloon strip makes it easy to attach the balloons once inflated, and glue dots make it easy to stick additional balloons on to fill gaps. A balloon pump is recommended for inflation.

  • Item size: 200cm in length
  • Pack contains: 50 single balloons of assorted colours and sizes. 1 x 2-metre-long balloon strip and 25 x adhesive glue dots.
  • Balloon size and colour breakdown; 2x18" (1 red, 1 yellow), 32 x 11" (7 red, 7 blue, 6 yellow, 6 green, 6 purple) 16x 5" (3 red, 4 blue, 3 yellow, 3 green, 3 purple).
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