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Pukka Party

Pink Pom Poms - 3 pack

Pink Pom Poms - 3 pack

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Pom Poms are a great party decoration no matter what the occasion.

They are a great decoration to spruce up any venue or home for different occasions such as birthdays, wedding receptions and baby showers!Our pom poms can be hung using the string above tables, along hallways, or from trees.

In the pack, you will receive 1 x 12" pom pom and 2x 8" pom poms in shades of pink.

  • Item sizes: 1x 12" pom pom and 2x 8" pom pom.
  • Pack includes 3x pom poms.
  • Pack includes a string for assembly.
  • Detailed instructions are provided for assembly.
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